Business School Solutions

Business School Solutions is an integral part of the Nurture consulting services portfolio, providing specialist expertise in the development and management of business schools worldwide. We are committed to supporting public and private sector organisations to deliver business education to the highest international standards. Organisationally, we also contribute to leading policy forums to shape the future direction of business school development.

Our network of associates can draw on their extensive experience of leading and managing business schools across four continents. We are equipped to impart global best practice when undertaking external reviews and international accreditation initiatives. Our experts possess an outstanding grasp of the opportunities and challenges facing business schools in the global economy - ensuring we can offer our clients unrivalled guidance geared towards enhancing the competitiveness and sustainability of their institutions.

Our Expertise

We are able to provide a package of specialist support tailored to enhance the strategic development and management of business schools around the world. Our expertise encompasses areas including:

  • Strategic and organisational development
  • Internationalisation strategies
  • Programme design and management
  • Accreditation Development 
  • On-line and blended learning delivery
  • Research and knowledge transfer
  • Academic leadership
  • Staff recruitment and development
  • Marketing and student recruitment

Additionally through our network of specialist partner organisations, we can provide easy access expertise in areas such as investment finance, infrastructure development, and alumni management.

Our Associates & Global Network

In addition to bringing the experience of Professor Angus Laing and his leadership expertise and experience from a range of University Business Schools and Stephen Healy’s internationalization experiences across the private and public sectors, we have developed and will continue to develop a global network of Associate experts who will contribute towards our thinking and the Business School Solutions offering.

Professor Jerry Forrester
Professor Ruth Ashford
Dr. John Seybolt
Dr. Javier Yanez
Dr. Keith Pond
Professor James Saker
Professor Alistair Cheyne

Professor Jose Machado

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Our Services

We provide a strategic and operational consultancy and advisory service capable of addressing the wide range of issues facing contemporary business schools. Drawing on our global breadth of experience we can benchmark the practice and performance of your school against the leading international standards.

Our commitment is to support your school to deliver business education that reflects international best practice and meets the standards articulated by international accreditation bodies. We work with our clients either on short-term specific projects or provide ongoing longer-term support to assist schools in working through major change programmes. 

The key areas of consultancy and advice which we offer include:
Investment appraisal:
assessment of opportunities for potential business school investors and advice on financing options for schools.

Strategy and organisation: facilitation of strategic planning processes and organisational design, including benchmarking with international peers. Learning and teaching: developing learning and teaching infrastructure and programmes as well as staff skill development. 

Search and knowledge transfer: developing learning and teaching infrastructure and programmes as well as staff skill development

Search and knowledge transfer: developing research culture and management systems as well as support for research evaluation exercises

Marketing and recruitment: implementing systems and process to recruit students globally across all types of programmes. 

Internationalisation: developing international partnerships and the wider internationalisation of business school activities.

We offer a full range of support services to business schools seeking accreditation from international bodies such as AACSB, AMBA, EFMD (EPAS and EQUIS), as well as for national accrediting bodies. Specific areas where Business School Solutions can offer support include:

Review of school and preparation of initial application
Development support to address identified areas
Developing “Assurance of Learning” systems
Drafting of accreditation visit documentation
Review of school and preparation of initial application
Development support to address identified areas
Preparation of staff for accreditation visit

We can work with business schools throughout the entire process of securing accreditation or provide support in respect of particular areas. Our Associates have extensive experience of leading schools through accreditation processes, advising schools on accreditation, and of serving on peer review teams.

Alongside our consultancy and accreditation services we offer an independent review service to universities, and other organisations, seeking an objective evaluation of the performance of their business school. The Business School Solutions review service not only provides an expert assessment of the school but also provides a unique development framework around which schools can plan their future development, including preparation for accreditation.

We possess cutting edge expertise in the design of business programmes at bachelors and masters levels, as well as in MBA and executive education programmes. Our associates are experienced in working with diverse types of business schools in a wide range of countries. We can support business schools in developing programmes that integrate world-leading practice with the specific requirements of particular markets. Our approach to programme design takes into account the requirements of accreditation bodies in the design and delivery of programmes. Among the key areas where Business School Solutions can provide particular support business schools include:

Online programme delivery
Experiential and work-based learning
Assessment and feedback systems
Programme management systems

Business School Solutions can work with clients on the design and development of individual programmes (for example an online MBA programme) or on the review and redesign of an entire programme portfolio. Our programme design work is informed by contemporary pedagogical thinking together with the requirements of both accreditation and regulatory bodies. In addition to our in-house expertise, our specialist infrastructure partners can assist in the design of appropriate facilities to support the delivery of a high quality student learning experience.

Schools can face short-term challenges when key members of the senior management team leave and permanent replacements have not been appointed; equally organisations may require a transitional leader to take their business school through a short period of radical change in order to set the school on a new direction. Business School Solutions offers an interim leadership appointment service to cover such situations.

Drawing on a pool of experienced business school leaders Business Schools Solutions can cover the following positions:
Associate/Deputy Deans
Department/Discipline Heads
Programme Directors

We are able to provide interim leadership typically for two to three months, although longer-term appointments of up to six months can be arranged.

Interim leadership appointments made through Business School Solutions can be supported by our expert consultants; this ensures that a school secures the appropriate transitional leadership required to maintain its position in the highly competitive business school market.

Through our work with a range of specialist search consultancies, and our in-depth understanding of the school, we can assist in identifying the requirements for permanent appointments in terms of job descriptions and person specifications.

We offer a unique design and delivery service to support universities, charitable foundations or private businesses in establishing a successful business school. Working to an established blueprint, our integrated development service provides our clients with a front to end package comprising of: start-up leadership capacity, access to investment finance, a service delivery blueprint that meets international accreditation standards, and support with initial staffing of the school.

The leadership team works with the client to identify the appropriate positioning and shape of the planned school given the environment and the objectives (as well as capabilities and positioning) of the parent organisation. The leadership team then tailors the combination of the delivery model components to deliver the desired shape and positioning.

The components within the service delivery blueprint include:
Design of physical and IT infrastructure
Programme portfolio planning and programme design
Research and knowledge transfer infrastructure
Student support services
Online tutorial support

Alongside these standardised components the leadership team will manage the recruitment of academic staff and the appointment of the school leadership team in line with the agreed shape and positioning of the school. On completion of launch phase, Business School Solutions will continue to work with the school for an agreed period to support the management team in delivering on the objectives of the parent organisation. Our commitment is to delivering a school that realises the ambitions of its parent organisation.